Lady & West is a creative partnership that puts a lot of emphasis on the “&” – on the alchemy they discovered in working, living, writing and playing together.

About their yin-yang name: “Lady” refers to the melodic, perhaps more refined side of life, while “West” is the rough and muddy, below-the-horizon half of things. What happens when these dualities come together is what they find inspiring, and where they found their sound.

The band’s influences range from American Blues and Art Song, to the likes of Jack Kerouac, Henry David Thoreau, Neil Young, William Blake, Bert Jansch, Muddy Waters, and Paul and Linda McCartney. As with many artists, the list is endless.

Singing and writing for all the ancient reasons, their music been called ‘evocative, transportive, hypnotic, and pure’.

Originally from Texas and Kansas — yet growing the band in Brooklyn over the past several years — the duo is excited to return home to Austin, Texas where their debut album, ‘Bright Soul’ was recorded and produced by Matt Noveskey.

Their full-length release is filled with melodic groove and country blues that combine together “in the birthing of something totally new” [from Greenpointers review.].   Although the album is the first studio effort for Lady & West, the band has already received rave reviews from the likes of the Music Editor at, and has been featured as “New and Notable” and one of the top downloaded bands on  The album has also been aired on national and global radio and internet stations and featured on various blog sites.  They will be featured in the Hear Texas Here section of Waterloo Records throughout the year and enjoy a place on the much-revered (especially by L&W!) Texas Music wall.

“We couldn’t be more appreciative of the music culture in Austin, a big reason why we now call this town home,” says the duo. “The talent, the energy, the history, even the folklore — it’s all unparalleled.  And so we want to contribute all we can in a meaningful way.  Not just in playing, but in actively serving the community.  We are all a part of this rare and precious thing and want to keep it alive and throbbing.”

The duo has performed in several different venues in NYC including: LIC Bar in Long Island City, Spike Hill in Williamsburg, Colonia Verde in Fort Greene, as well as Comodo in Manhattan, and others in Upstate NY, namely The Hudson Valley and The Catskills.  They are currently adding gigs in the Live Music Capital of the World to their roster.

“Kirk’s guitar, usually acoustic, carries an elemental vibe. It’s sometimes percussive, often a complementary voice of melody to Jennifer’s actual voice. The music evokes folk, country, blues, and rock and roll. There is plenty of earthen, organic imagery to go along with sonic backdrop..


“These songs speak of love and of loss, of our deepest fears and our highest aspirations. They bridge the gaps between our ‘spaces and places’, giving meaning to our lives, telling us the old truths: let go, and become who you once were, and shall be again…”

– Leslie Hallam of Tangent

“Lady & West’s story and their music are what OPEN loves most – beauty in the small things, honesty, and a sincere desire to connect through art and storytelling.”

-Hosanna Marshall, Founder, The OPEN Series

“You can’t help feeling like you are right there in the room as Jennifer sings and Kirk picks and strums. It doesn’t sound labored upon, its sounds effortless.”


If I Were A River
Rest Your Soul
Black Raven
Beyond The Lines
Bright Soul

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